David Baird says he is running for the Division 2 at-large seat because he doesn’t think much has been done to solve the problems facing the citizenry of New Orleans.

Baird, who ran for assessor in 2006, has worked for the city’s emergency management department and has served as a consultant for RTA.
Baird says he would advocate for a more “targeted approach” to fighting crime if elected.

“We need more intelligence gathering and sharing, as well as specific targeting of the … persons committing the bulk of the crime in the city.

Our police need a supportive council.”

Baird also thinks youth services are needed.

“I would like to see a peer-supported youth offender program that diverts drug and poverty offenders away from the traditional criminal justice system and gives a first and second chance to directionless youth.”

Baird says he also wants to see “monuments safeguarded.”

“I would like to propose that the WWII Museum assist in developing a monument plan for the city.”

Baird also says economic development and small businesses are also a part of his platform.

“I support better jobs, and not minimum wages that put small business as risk,” Baird says. “I support a sensible raise, but there will always be jobs that require minimum skill level. I will encourage all businesses to examine their job classifications to see if they can grow their businesses by scaling up their required skills sets.”