Ed Morris got in the race for Civil District Court – Section J because “I want to use my vast experience to help improve the lives of our fellow residents. A judge should also have the compassion to work toward healing our families, our institutions, and our communities.”

Among the issues facing the Civil District Court is the handling of domestic violence cases, high-conflict divorces involving custody disputes, and family economic security issues.

To address the families in distress that frequent the court, Morris says he will partner with non-profit, public and education organizations to ensure families have access to needed resources.

“As a trained counselor, I will work directly with individuals to find the healthiest resolution to the matter before the court,” he says.

If elected, Morris will draw upon leadership skills learned throughout his life.

“I began working for justice, equality and equity as a teenager in the NAACP Youth Council.” Morris’ 30-year civil law practice includes at least 70 cases and works as an in-house counsel for the Orleans Parish School Board for a decade, where he led outside counsel and handled at least 120 lawsuits.

When he is not practicing law, Morris is a volunteer board member with the American Red Cross, New Orleans Legal Assistance Corp, New Orleans Jobs Initiative and the Jeremiah Group, among others. He is also an ordained minister, a licensed counselor, and he serves as pastor of the men’s ministry at Solid Rock Baptist Church.