Joe Giarrusso, III, an attorney, is running for the District A seat on the City Council because “the number one job of government is safety for its people and it’s time to show that public officials can be public servants again,” Giarrusso says. If elected, he will fight for safe neighborhoods, good streets, and a stronger local economy.

While Giarrusso’s law practice focuses on complex energy-related, casualty and commercial issues, the candidate says he spends a lot of time working on better programming in District A, particularly for children.
Giarrusso says the challenges facing District A include public safety, economic development, and redevelopment, failing streets and infrastructure.

“First, we need to create a larger police department to work on reducing violent crime and we also need community policing,” he says, adding that the City should employ updated technology, like license-plate readers and functioning body cameras.

“We need robust support for diversion and prevention programming, as well as re-entry initiatives. That type of support will help with community rebuilding,” he adds. “Our streets are in terrible shape and our drainage system, from the top to the bottom, failed to work properly. We need to make drainage maintenance a priority.”

Giarrusso’s civic work includes stints as president, KIPP New Orleans, Commissioner, Lakeview Crime Prevention, Executive Committee member of the Bureau of Government Research, board member of the Central City Partnership, and President, Young Leadership Council.
Giarrusso says he has also worked to promote diversity in the organizations he serves, including the Young Leadership Council and KIPP.

“In addition, the City should continue to support small businesses and DBE programs in the bidding process.”