A local actor and civic leader, Kenneth Cutno says he is running for City Council at-large because current leaders have failed.

“We, the people, have the right to reform our government when it fails to represent us, when it fails to protect us from crime, when it stops progress for the middle class working families, when it imposes regulations on the small businesses, when it stops people from receiving living wages and equal pay for women, Blacks, and LGBT, when it creates policy and laws that prevent jobs and contracts from coming to New Orleans small business owners and for the people of New Orleans. Every job and contract in this city should be for the people of New Orleans first!”

Cutno says that as a life-long resident of the city, he understands the challenges facing the community.

“I have built a reputation around issues such as affordable housing, community development, workforce development, and transportation. These are the issues facing our community and we need a Council person with the experience to address the challenges we face today.”

If elected, Cutno says he would advocate for a significant investment of $17 million in affordable housing, particularly for artists, entertainers and low and moderate income workers “so that all of our residents can afford to live in a New Orleans home.”

The candidate says he would also turn his attention to the defunct Jazz Land theme park, with plans to re-open the facility as studio space for the film industry and as a theme park to create new jobs for New Orleans East residents and increase the city’s tax revenue.

He has even identified a revenue source for these investments.

“The City of New Orleans lost $200 million dollars from the film industry when the state put a cap on the film tax credit program. I propose we create the New Orleans film tax credit program for the city of New Orleans. Through this public/private partnership, we can create our own film tax credit program, and put that $200 million-plus back in our city budget. The creation of our own film industry tax credit program will bring more jobs to New Orleans’ residents and business community.”

When it comes to criminal justice and public safety, Cutno says, “we must reform our criminal justice system to abolish unnecessary background checks for employment and help individuals convicted of non-violent crime find meaningful employment. How can we build a strong family and community when many of our kid’s fathers, sons, and brothers are in jail or have been arrested for non-violent crimes, and when released they cannot find jobs to help support their families. We must strengthen families to put an end to poverty and crime and build communities where we all can live in healthy, thriving communities.”