cutnoKenneth Cutno, a New Orleanian who works in the film industry, says he is running for the second congressional district because he believes the area needs new leadership.

“I think it’s time for a change,” Cutno says. “We need someone with new vision, new ideas and a new commitment to our community.”
Cutno says if he is elected he will work on quality of life issues for the residents of the district.

“I will bring jobs to our community. I will protect Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security.”

When it comes to minimum wage and pay equity, Cutno says he is “committed to creating jobs for the people that pay livable wages. I will fight to ensure that the minimum wage becomes synonymous with living wage. People deserve a better quality of life and a better community where all the residents are working in jobs that pay livable wages.”

Cutno says he will also promote infrastructure improvements as a way to bring jobs to the community.

“Our tax dollars must be used to fix our streets and build our infrastructure to bring better, high paying jobs for local people in Louisiana,” he says.

Cutno adds that he will fight for criminal justice reform.

“We must reform our criminal justice system to abolish unnecessary background checks for employment and help individuals convicted of non-violent crime find meaningful employment,” says. “How can we build a strong family and community when many of our fathers, sons, and brothers are in jail . . . and when released they cannot find jobs to help support their families. We must strengthen families to put an end to poverty and crime and build communities where we all can live in healthy, thriving communities.”

Cutno also says he will protect the gun rights.

“The sportsmen and people in Louisiana need to enjoy their second amendment right and the right to protect their families at home,” he says.